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About Us

Culinary influence from around the world

Since opening our doors in July 2014, we’ve had one goal in mind: to share Chef Ken Salmon’s talent, creativity and passion with our community and our customers. We believe cooking is an art form; every dish we make and every cocktail we serve is made with the care and craftsmanship of a true artist. Texture, flavor, presentation — these are more than just words to us, they are the standards of excellence by which we create.

Creating food as art starts with the ingredients. Firm believers in serving only the best to our customers, we are proud to be a farm-to-table establishment, and we source our ingredients from local farms and markets. We are born and raised in Sparta and the Sussex County area, and so beyond just offering our customers the freshest meats and produce, when we support our local farmers, we are also supporting our friends and family.

Whether it’s an item from our main menu, or something unique off our nightly specials selection, we want every meal we serve to bear the excellence our customers expect. That’s why we begin each dish from scratch, and infuse our level of passion and creativity into every step of the process. For us, there is no difference between a table of two or a party of 20 — every single one of our customers deserves the finest meal, and that’s what we deliver.

Every artist needs a personal workspace in order to thrive, and our kitchen at the Upstream Grille is no exception. But for us, we want to be able to connect with our customers on all levels, and that’s why Chef Salmon insisted on having an open window into the kitchen. Chef Salmon wants to be able to see his customers while he works, but he also wants his customers to be able to see him. There’s a symbiotic relationship between the artist and the viewer, and we believe that connection is just as important when dining.

Just like the level of excellence we strive for in our kitchen, we place the same standards on our bar and cocktail menu. Our lounge area is outfitted with 18 beers on tap, ranging from hyper local breweries to world-renowned ales. We also offer specialty cocktails mixed and served by our knowledgeable and highly skilled bar staff. But the real treat at our bar is our extensive collection of bourbons. Currently we offer 20 different bourbons, ranging from the tried and true standards such as Maker’s Mark and branching out to more rare and unique batches such as Mitcher’s, Old Weller and J.R. Ewing. We want your time at the Upstream Grille to be something special, and that includes sipping a perfect cocktail while relaxing at the bar or enjoying our live entertainment.

One of the greatest honors in owning and operating a restaurant is the opportunity to be a part of our community. Every member of our staff is considered family, and it’s because of that shared love and care that we are able to graciously extend the same to our customers. When a customer walks in our door — no matter if it’s their first time here or their 50th — they are greeted with welcoming smiles and humble gratitude for dining with us. Simply put, we are proud to be a family, and we are even more honored to serve yours.

We look forward to serving you, and we thank you for choosing to swim Upstream with us!